Monday, March 3, 2014

A Winnable War

President Placebo (Obama), is posturing like a barnyard rooster about Russia and Ukraine when there is an actual winnable war in his own hemisphere.

Venezuela is falling apart, at least on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, while CNN yacks on about a situation in Ukraine that the USA's  only option is to cancel meetings at the G8 summit. However, since the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela is the low hanging fruit that can restore some shine to the USA reputation,

The USA would actually be saving lives, not destroying them, bringing humanitarian aid and restoring stability to another failed communist dictatorship, We could actually update and  achieve  goals of the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine was a policy of the United States introduced on December 2, 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with countries in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention

CNN is not the only silent newsroom FOX and cronies including the very telegenic US Senator from Miami Marco Rubio have been silent on a Latin American crises in which the USA could actually do some good. 

The people of Venezuela want and need our help, and this is a military intervention  the USA can win in 10 days or less.  If done right, we could do it without a shot, maybe a few fly overs and a small battle group. Hec, we could only mobilize bases in Florida with this one. Maybe on the way back to Tampa, Jacksonville and Destin Florida we could stop by Nicaragua and Cuba to put the fear of God  and the USA into some other dictators.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Second Great Depression

Below is a partial list of alleged wrongdoing by Jimmy Dimon and J. P. Morgan and the non criminal punishments. President. Obama's protection of Jimmy Dimon and J P. Morgan is so complete and the list of improper behavior from the financial institution so extensive that you have to wonder what's in it for Obama.

While the American people suffer, President Obama is continuing to assist the greatest crime spree the world has ever known by naming Janet Yellen as Chair of the Federal Reserve with co-conspirator Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary to keep the quantitative easing (welfare) flowing to the Organized Crime Syndicate known by the Family names of  Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Chase.

What is truly astonishing is that this protection from the President of the above named families does not extent to the US Constitution or the American people. His Change you can believe in now has people living on change.

1. J.P. Morgan lost $6 billion in reckless derivatives trades and had to pay regulators a $920 million fine for "unsafe and unsound practices."
 2. J. P. Morgan paid billions for wrongfully foreclosing on active-duty military personnel as well as what regulators called "shoddy loan servicing, illegal robo-signing, and faulty foreclosure processing."
 3.J.P. Morgan settled litigation alleging it processed its customers' checks by size, rather than the order in which they were cashed, so it could bag unwarranted overdraft fees.
 4. J.P. Morgan was forced to repay $546 million to MF Global customers after its collapse.
 5.  J.P. Morgan paid $410 million in fines for allegedly engaging in the same kind of illegal activity as Enron.
 6. J.P. Morgan's $229 million settlement with federal and state authorities for allegedly gaming the bidding process for bond deals affecting 31 states.

This list was gathered by Al Lewis, a staunch critic of J P Morgan and blogger.

For the Third quarter of 2013, J. P. Morgan reported its first quarterly loss under Jimmy Dimon—$380 million, compared with a year-earlier $5.7 billion profit derived from US Treasury stimulus buffering of Bank profits.  Without continued stimulus, J.P. Morgan would and should be out of business, because essentially, the bank is broke.  The continued Bank subsidies provided by the US Treasury to the organized families are also bankrupting the United States since there is no budget in place to balance. In the meantime, your family is suffering through the Second Great depression.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Is Trayvon Martin the USA Tahir Square?

Is Trayvon Martin the USA Tahir Square moment?  Will African Americans take up the tactics of the Egyptians and decide that they have nothing to loose and everything to gain through mass demonstrations and peaceful protest or will the NAACP  and Al Sharpton continue to hold Pity Parties with no defined objectives.

Can the Occupy Wall Street Movement be revived and reenergized and combine with the Justice for Trayvon movement? Most important, what is the USA becoming? Are we sliding toward third world status?

Listen to my Interview from Brazil  onTele Noticias by clicking this link  ---> NTN 24

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

George Farrell On Race In The Zimmerman Trial


The Trayvon Martin Murder has opened closed wound in my mental well being. When I wrote "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success" in 2005, it was the start of a healing process. It was an attempt to sooth the anger, yet all I can do is conceal it, cover it for a brief while, until the reality check smacks me in the face. The alleged murderer, George Zimmerman, has taken his lack of an arrest by the Sanford Florida Police Department as an affirmation that lynching and killing black males is legal and that he will be seen as a hero and upholder of the American Way.

You see, no matter how I or my Back male compatriots play by the rules, whether we are drunken bums, a car mechanic, a college professor or a professional athlete, we are always a suspect in the USA.   The law enforcement process may change from the neighborhood cop on the beat, to the FBI to the IRS, but an African American male in the USA is always a suspect of some crime.  Trust me, even looking at this tragedy without the prism of race, you have an idiot with a gun slaying a child.

President Obama is a suspect of forging his own birth, This foolishness comes from none other than Donald Trump, whom if Donald were Black, would have been arrested and convicted of Bank Fraud long ago based upon the crash and burn of Eastern Airlines . How ridiculous it is for a Black man to never be able to enjoy the fruits of you honest labor in peace.

I feel so bad for the parents of Trayvon Martin, as I would for any parent that looses a child no matter what the circumstances. I can only hope and Pray that there is a outcome that improves lives in the world.

As this trial ends, will it become law of the Land in Florida to hunt and kill Black Males or will we join hands and sing kumbaya

The USA Drug Problem Latin America is changing Course

The presidents of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico, all grappling with the extremely violent fallout of a failing drug war, have said in recent weeks they'd like to open up the discussion of legalizing drugs.

Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico already allow the use of small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption, while political leaders from Brazil and Colombia are discussing alternatives to locking up drug users.

United States Vice President Joe Biden visited Latin America earlier this year amid unprecedented pressure from political and business leaders to talk about something U.S. officials have no interest in debating: decriminalizing drugs.

Business leaders are weighing in as well: in February, a group of banking, medical and legal experts sponsored a drug policy conference in Mexico City which concluded that current drug control policies aren't working and need reform.

"It's a different moment when you have actual heads of state talking about the need for a thorough debate on this," said John Walsh, a drug policy expert at the Washington Office on Latin America, an independent think tank. "It's certainly different for sitting presidents to be uttering those words. You wouldn't have thought it possible just a few years ago."

Dan Restrepo, the top Latin America official in the White House, briefing reporters about Biden's upcoming trip, said the vice president does expect a "robust conversation" about the security problems Latin American countries face as drug traffickers battle to control the lucrative U.S. sales. But he said Latin American leaders shouldn't expect a shift in policy.

"The Obama administration has been quite clear in our opposition to decriminalization or legalization of illicit drugs," said Restrepo.

Vice President Biden went to Mexico City to discuss economic and security issues with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Biden also traveled to  to Honduras to meet President Porfirio Lobo, along with the presidents of El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala, all countries struggling with the sweeping consequences of expanding drug cartels. Drug gangs have killed tens of thousands, overcrowded prisons are overflowing with accused drug users while powerful cartels fuel corruption — influencing elections, weakening democracies and threatening fragile economies.

"I do think that the issue of legalization will be raised by the leaders to Biden, but in private," said Walter McKay, a policing expert on security issues in Mexico, where more than 47,500 people have been killed in drug gang violence since 2006.

Guatemala's president Otto Perez Molina, a right wing conservative and former army general, stunned observers when he declared the U.S. inability to cut illegal drug consumption leaves his country with no option but to consider legalizing the use and transport of drugs. He vowed to galvanize regional support.

Since then, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla and Funes have said they're open to the discussion, while Panama's leaders say they do not agree with decriminalizing drugs.

For decades Latin Americans leaders and the U.S. have cooperated on a war on drugs, with more than a trillion dollars spent by the U.S. to support enforcement and eradication in Latin America, as well as promises to reduce cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine use in the U.S. that generates an estimated $25 billion in profits each year.

But during that time, demand for drugs has increased, fueling violent competition between dealers.

In 2009, former presidents of Mexico, Brazil and Colombia blasted the war on drugs and said it was time to consider the decriminalization of marijuana. Last summer they were joined by more than a dozen high level international leaders including former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and former U.S. officials George P. Shultz and Paul Volcker, again slamming the war on drugs as a failure and calling on governments to undertake experiments to decriminalize the use of drugs, especially marijuana, to undermine the power of organized crime.

But while it's one thing for former presidents to suggest decriminalizing drugs, it is another thing entirely when sitting presidents do so, said retired Brazilian judge Maria Lucia Karam in an email to The Associated Press.

Karam said that while Latin American leaders at first may have been willing to give the "get tough" strategy time to work, they've been worn down by the drug war's relentless toll.

"The public comments we are seeing are a sign of deep frustration and anger that is now prevalent in Latin America due to the U.S. and U.N.'s seeming unwillingness to engage in a serious debate about implementing effective drug policies that respect human rights and truly protect health," she said.

Danny Kushlick, who heads the London-based Transform Drug Policy Foundation, said the region is "on the verge of a tipping point that will begin when the Latin Americans raise the issue within earshot and in full view of the Americans. Ultimately this is about allowing democratic conversations to take place without being leaned upon by the U.S."

But former U.S. drug czar John Walters said those who are calling for a debate on legalization are taking a dangerous and misguided step.

"I would note to them that the kind of dangerous people they face would welcome that change, to become more powerful," he said. "Legalizing is not a solution, it's an excuse."

Maria Sanchez Show

I had a great time on the Maria Sanchez show from Los Angeles California on Wed, July 10. She is a great host